Sub-Ohm E-Cig Vape Tanks

Electronic vapour e-cigarette (ecig) sub ohm tanks. Sub ohm tanks are currently the most popular style of vaping atomizer. This style of tank has atomizers (coils) that are disposable and are designed specifically for the tank by the manufacturer. Any coil that has a resistance below 1.0 ohm’s is a sub ohm coil. These tanks come in a myriad of styles, size, innovations, and coil resistances. With the lower resistance in a coil typically comes more vapour produced and therefore more nicotine delivered depending on a number of factors. You can change the amount of vapour by using the amount of power combined with how the atomizer coil is designed. Typically more cotton will hold more e juice and with more heat a bigger cloud is created. You can test the different sub ohm tanks in store to see which one suits your needs the best.

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