Doge V3



  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Increased Build Space Over Previous Models
  • Tri Post and Quad Post Setups
  • 2.2mm Negative Post Holes
  • 2.2mm Dual Positive Post Holes, 3mm Single Positive Post Hole
  • Negative Post Milled Into The Deck
  • Copper Positive Posts
  • Copper Post Screws
  • Copper Contact
  • Square PEEK Insluator
  • 9mm Deep Juice Well
  • Dual Airflow with 10mm x 2.5mm Airflow Slits
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Black Ceramic Wide Bore Tip With 11mm Opening
  • Ceramic Tip is Extremely Heat Resistant
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The DOG3 is our newest Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. Designed by John Grefe, creator of Congrevape’s other smash hit RDAs the Doge V1 & V2. This, our third major release RDA in the Doge lineup benefits from a host of improvements on previous designs. The RDA is a 22mm industry standard RDA and it keeps the same great Doge high quality and affordability. In this release major improvements have been made to:
Airflow, there are fewer walls for air to pass over than prior versions. With the same size airflow cut, the intake air is more efficient, giving the user an even better experience.
The Congrevape Tip System has been used on this model, the same as was featured on the Catemizer. The tip is made out of Ceramic, so it does not get hot, or melt and vent plastic gases.
There is significantly more build space in this model, an increase of 2.5mm in the outside diameter and 2.3mm from the negative post to the build maximum.
3 post or 4 post Design. The center post is removable, and can be interchanged between a single hole post and a dual hole post. Both styles of center posts are included in the parts kit.
The juice well is extremely deep on the DOG3. This helps to prevent overfilling the RDA, as well as holding more liquid per drip.

The airflow of the DOG3 has been redesigned to be controlled on the inside using the deck for the AFC control block. Changing this configuration has allowed us to improve a large number of features on this release.
* Deeper Juice Well
* Larger build space, 2.5mm more before the coil strikes the outside wall
* Reduced thermal transfer from the coil to the top cap & tip
* Easier alignment of coils while building to match Airflow direction

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