Dovpo e-Lvt Kit

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  • 510/eGo threaded
  • Water/Pressure Resistant
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • 10-second inhale cut-off
  • Removable battery ring
  • Adjustable Voltage (3v-6v)
  • Adjustable Wattage (3w-15w)
  • Powerbank to charge your digital products
  • Flashlight Function
  • Requires 18650 Battery
  • On/Off switch for output charging port
  • Charge without opening the device
  • Turn on/off using button on outside
  • Lock your settings from charge
  • LED changes color to indicate remaining battery power

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The DovPo Firestone e-LVT mod vaporizer. This mod is like no other! The e-LVT uses the latest intelligent integrated circuits, control circuits, executive circuits, and high power output circuit; allowing the battery and circuit work perfect to extend battery life. made of zinc alloy and silicone technology, it is virtually indestructible! Perfect for anyone that is engaged in active sports, outdoors, always on the go, jobs in rugged environments, boating or water based activities, or if they’re just prone to break things! This device can literally take the force of being ran over by a car and ran through a car wash. After all this it still functions as designed.


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