E-Cigarette Batteries

Batteries for your e-cigarettes! We carry only name brand mod batteries that are highly recommended by vape battery experts and researched by our team. Safety is our priority and we want only the best for our customers. We are happy to explain battery safety and usage to our customers in great detail. We will recommend the best battery type and amperage based on the type of device you intend to use. 18650 and 26650 are the most popular sizes. We also carry a wide range of built in battery mods that are regulated by electronics. Todays built in regulated mods can rival the power of mechanical mods! As well we carry a wide variety regulated beginner to intermediate batteries in box or pen style. These batteries are easy to use and all you have to do is attach a tank. We will also help you match a tank/clearomizer that works best with the battery you have.

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