Vape Mods

Electronic vapour e-cigarette (ecig) VV / VW mods. Variable voltage / variable wattage mods are a newer type of power delivery system. They differ from mech mods in that they contol the voltage and current using simple to very sophisticated electronics. This increases the battery safety level immensley because the electronics will detect then stop or control any kind of battery overload or short. As well you can control many aspects of how the power is delivered to the atomizer. Most importantly the amount of voltage or wattage being delivered, therefore controlling the amount of vapour being produced. These devices are very safe and in many intances can deliver more power to your atomizer in a much safer way then a mechanical mod. They come in a staggering variety of sizes, styles, and capabilities. You can choose from ones that come with the battery built in or ones that you insert rechargable batteries that you buy separately. Each type has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Our staff will explain them to you and help you to decide which suits your needs best!

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